The Proteo-Science Center (PROS), Ehime University was established with the objective of understanding life with the help of cutting-edge wheat-germ cell-free protein synthesis technology, and discovering novel treatments for overcoming diseases such as cancer, infectious diseases, and autoimmune diseases.

The center consists of the 'Fundamental Technology Development Section', which is responsible for the development of technology to support protein biochemistry and protein complex research, and the 'Complex Biofunction Analysis Section', which promotes complex and interactome analysis in cells and living organisms, diseases and infectious diseases.

The 'Section for Fundamental Technology Development' focuses on protein science research and is composed of eight divisions: Cell-free Science, Proteo-Drug-Discovery Science, Biomolecular Engineering, Super-Biomolecular Science, Structural Analysis of Protein Complexes, Bio-imaging, and Proteomics and Immune Regulation. The 'Section for Advanced Complex Biological Sciences' focuses on in vivo functional protein research and is composed of six divisions: Cell Growth and Tumor Regulation, Pathology, Integrative Pathophysiology, Parasitology, Malaria Research, and Proteo-Interactomics.

Through the interactive research activities of these areas and divisions, the organization aims to promote life-science research based on proteins and complex proteins, to elucidate pathological conditions and develop diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, and to implement protein research in society in the fields of agriculture and fisheries.


Section of Fundamental Technology Development

Division of Proteomics Research


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Section of Advanced Complex Biological Sciences