Division of Proteo-Drug-Discovery Sciences

Research Objectives

Target proteins of drug discovery have shifted to “difficult” proteins such as membrane proteins or protein complexes in recent years, and it increases risk and cost of drug discovery. Therefore, expectations for open innovation has became increasingly intense at the global level. Proteo-Science Center, Ehime University, launched a new research project aiming at technological development for drug discovery in 2016, and our division was established for the project. We are responsible for large-scale screening of protein array and chemical library. Our key technology is cell-free protein synthesis system and high-throughput screening. We conduct screening assays such as functional screening assay of target protein, drug screening, and drug-target exploration in cooperation with researchers both inside and outside of center / University. We are also maintaining and developing a “cell-free 20,000 human protein array,”which is the world’s only research tool applicable for both basic protein functional research and applied medical research.

We are also tackling technical development for antibody therapeutics. It includes following themes:

  • Production of membrane protein, which is a target of antibody therapeutics
  • Novel antigen design for efficient development of functional antibody
  • Nanobody development